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Riverston & Pooja Talwar sign Indian Joint Venture

London-based growing international education group Riverston and Delhi-based Pooja Talwar of the Talbros Group have signed a new joint venture and licensing agreement in India. The new company, Riverston Talwar Education Ltd, will establish and operate multiple specialist children centres initially in Delhi and Mumbai and thereafter in other key cities, as well as a specialist Riverston Training Academy. Known locally as ‘London Learning Centres’, the centres will provide support and guidance for families whose children may require additional learning assistance through specialist screening, professional assessment, diagnosis and intervention therapy. In addition the centres will offer a range of specialist support services to local and international schools, including UK accredited special educational needs training and curriculum development. Other services will include tutoring, examination preparation, international school placements, on-line classrooms and publications.

The first centre opened in Delhi in April 2016.


Riverston specialises in providing deliberately non-selective but high quality integrated and inclusive personalised education with particular focus on students with additional learning needs and mild/moderate special educational needs.


Prof. Michael Lewis, Executive Chairman of the Riverston Group said, ‘My colleague Jackie Harland and I have for many years sought to establish Riverston in India. I am delighted after considerable research into the local Indian education market over many years we have signed an agreement with Pooja Talwar. That the Talwar family have chosen Riverston as their partners is testament to the excellence Riverston provides in the international educational marketplace as a specialist provider. The success we have enjoyed in supporting UK and international students, including those with additional learning needs has been considerable, and to be able to establish our proven model, and open multiple facilities throughout India with such an enthusiastic local partner is hugely encouraging’.


Pooja Talwar commented‘We have been looking to establish a new education business for some time and we are delighted to have signed an agreement with Riverston to take advantage of supply:demand imbalances in the Indian education market. We look forward to running a variety of programmes that will enhance and accelerate student learning. With Riverston’s 90 years of expertise, we will provide better support for students with additional learning needs and give them opportunities to maximise their unique potential and contribute to their local communities in a positive and tangible way. Riverston has proven success in this niche, and we are delighted to be working with them’.


Background information: The Riverston Group was established to capitalise on the success of Riverston School in London. Riverston was founded in 1926 and has been in the Lewis’ family ownership since 1956. Prof. Michael Lewis and his wife, Janina, acquired Riverston in 1990 and added Beech Hall School to the Group in 2015 as well as establishing new joint ventures in the GCC and India. Prof Lewis is joined by an executive team including Jackie Harland and Richard Purchase. Riverston specialises in providing an inclusive and integrated bespoke education to students of ALL abilities including those who are gifted and talented, as well as those with mild/moderate special educational needs. Riverston has a rapidly growing UK and international presence.


For further information please contact Prof. Michael Lewis on +44 (0) 7811 160582

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