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International Partnerships

Riverston has established partnerships in both the UAE and India to meet the gaps in educational provision for children with mild to moderate additional learning needs seen internationally. Children’s Centres have initially been established in both Dubai ( as Riverston Children’s Centres) and Delhi to support the assessment and early intervention for young children, especially those with speech, language and communication difficulties.

The Riverston Early Years Framework is being implemented in the Banyan Tree Group of Nurseries in India, and will also be at the heart of our network of Early Intervention Nurseries in the UAE.

In both the UAE and India, the Riverston Training Academy will be central to developing the skills and capabilities of teachers, parents and local specialists in dealing effectively with children with mild to moderate special educational needs.

Riverston's international work has been recognised by the UK Government in the UKTI brochure featuring case studies in Special Educational Needs (see page 11) - that brochure can be accessed by clicking on the image below:



To find out more about our international activities, capabilities and aspirations, please contact us.