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Current Parent Testimonials

The below testimonials have been submitted by parents during the last month. They reinforce the feelings, thoughts and views of parents who are completely happy with the progress of their children whilst being at Riverston, and the difference the school has made to themselves and their families.

Current Parent Testimonials

Our son came to Riverston School last year in September 2013 and went into a year 3/4 class. Before Riverston Luca was in a local comprehensive mainstream school for children with speech and language difficulties.

We were recommended Riverston via our local Authority as they already sent children successfully to the school with statements of SEN. Our son has High functioning Autism as well as a speech disorder, which had been undiagnosed.

Luca came into Riverston into a small classroom setting with 1:1 for part of the week and with a very high ratio of adult to children within the classroom, to say I was impressed is an understatement.

I was immediately welcomed into this wonderful school. The atmosphere that resonates throughout the school is friendly, warm and inviting. This being said the education of my son and his achievements were and are still treated with utmost importance.

Luca has to travel by local authority transport; he comes into school and home by Taxi. Because of this I was a little afraid that I would be out of touch with the school. How wrong could I be. I have a home school book that is written in regularly sometimes daily with updates of Luca within the classroom e.g. what he is eating and how he got on in his lessons. This is invaluable to me and I am truly thankful. I also have the teacher's email address where I can email whenever I wish with any comments worries or concerns.

This very special relationship is something that endears me to the school and as a Mum with a child with special needs whom often worries this allays any fears or concerns I may ever have. 

Luca almost runs to his taxi every morning to come into school, something I believed I would never see.

Our son has not only thrived emotionally and socially with a new group of friends and invites to birthday parties ( something that never happened before) but educationally Luca is coming along in leaps and bounds since coming to Riverston. His curriculum is tailored especially for his strengths and weaknesses and we celebrate his strengths regularly at his Parent teacher meetings.

Luca also receives specialised SALT and OT both of whom have been amazing and highly professional, Luca has since being at the Riverston now received a firm diagnosis from both the SALT and from his OT which has been extremely helpful is Luca's sessions and for us personally to work with our son. 

Everyone has commented at how Luca always looks smart in his uniform and how they can see a change in his personality since being at Riverston. Luca is much more confident and happier. I would and will continue to recommend Riverston School. 

Mrs S parent of Year 5 boy

Riverston has provided our son with a safe, calm and caring environment where the curriculum has been tailored to meet his needs. In three years we have seen a real change as he has matured, grown in confidence, built friendships and developed real life skills. The dedication and patience of the staff is exceptional. Their understanding of his needs has been invaluable in helping his development. He couldn’t be in a better place!

“Since our son has started Riverston School he has made great progress academically and socially. The class sizes are small and the children are taught at the level they actually are, rather than where they should be. The staff are incredibly caring and work together as an effective team. There is an all-inclusive approach throughout the school .To see the pleasure our son gets from Riverston and the confidence it brings him is invaluable.”   

I could not have envisaged what a wonderful school Riverston would be for my son.The lessons were tailor made to enable him to access everything on offer.Academically he has progressed well and the school’s holistic approach has helped him mature both mentally and physically. He has felt safe and secure throughout his time here and is especially proud of being given the opportunity of becoming a prefect.I think he would say that the residential trips are going to be among his most treasured memories of his time at school. “Riverston Residentials’ are the best!”       Mrs D – parent of Year 12 boy

Our son has only been at Riverston for just under a year. In such a short space of time we are amazed at the impact the school has had on him.Prior to coming to Riverston his self-confidence and self-esteem were low but now with the support of the staff and other pupils he has blossomed.We feel Riverston is small enough to nurture but big enough to offer a variety of subjects and sports to support a gain a good all-round education.  Subjects are taught in a very individual manner to allow the students to work at their own pace.  Our son had missed some of the basics of certain subjects and is now gradually starting to understand them. Topics like ‘financial capability’ and ‘travel training’ are a bonus to help him work towards independence.  Our son often says that all the teachers are really happy.He has also made a good group of friends which is so important to him, the pupils at the school are very supportive and any minor issues sorted straight away at form time.  At school events we have been amazed by the good behaviour of the children, obviously discipline is paramount and definitely observed.Aside from the hard work he has done he also really enjoys after-school clubs and lunch-time clubs and had a fabulous time at summer camp.  All of those things add to his enjoyment of being at the school.The communication with the school and individual teachers is absolutely excellent.   We have email access and get extremely quick replies on any question.  We have a home-school communication book as well which is checked every day and our son fills in a diary with homework and other things he needs to remember so he keeps on top of what he has to do and any things needed for school trips etc.  This again has helped him to organise his time.  Aside from individual communication, the school has an excellent website which is kept up to date and we also very regularly get informative letters home.We cannot speak highly enough about Riverston, we thank our lucky stars almost every day that our son is in the school and really feel it is one of the best things that has happened to him.The only negative we have is that we wish he’d been there from the start of his education! 

Mr Mrs H – parent of Year 11 boy

We are parents of a son who joined Riverston School in reception and is now in year 3. Our son has Down's syndrome and at the time, he was the first child to join the school with this syndrome. The care and support shown to him from his first day has never waned.

He was unable to say mummy when he started and just last week I watched with pride as he sang Mozart in Latin with the school choir as part of the Armistice Day remembrance. The speech therapy offered is also excellent and our son has an ever increasing vocabulary. 

During his time in school our son has been fully included in all activities. He routinely comes home with tasty dishes that he has been fully involved in making. He is able to access all after school club activities and takes part in all sporting events. 

The confidence instilled in him by the staff at the school has supported him to excel in his social skills and interactions with both adults and children alike. The very positive experience we had at the start is still continuing. Thank you for providing the best possible start for our son.

Mr and Mrs A – parent of Year 4 boy

 My daughter Katie started at Riverston School 8 months ago and in such a short space of time has gone from refusing to attend school often tearful and so unhappy to a child who is up and ready and looking forward to her day, she is now in a nurturing, kind and caring environment and she is finally being recognised and encouraged to reach her full potential, we as parents could not be happier or more grateful to all the fantastic staff, pupils and parents who all contribute to the great success that is Riverston.

Mr Mrs P – parent of Year 9 girl


Our boy at 4 curled up on the floor, frightened, unsure, no friends, all new not knowing what to do.   The noises, the crowds, no focus, no concept, no understanding -  Autism - what now?

Our boy at 11, this is our version of heaven! His reading and writing, his confidence, his taking part, his story telling to his peers is an art, his increased focus, his learning, his fun.

The help, the care and should I dare, the love that is there.

Thank you to Riverston and all therein for what you have done, for our dear son.

Mrs S – parent of year 7 boy

Riverston School has provided our daughter with a safe, loving and nurturing environment over the past five years and as a result, she has developed in confidence and maturity. The school has worked in partnership with us to meet Simran’s pastoral needs as well as her academic needs, providing us with confidence.  Riverston School was most definitely the right choice for our daughter! (Year 11 Student)

Mr Mrs D – parent of Year 11 girl